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Area Rug Cleaning

An area rug can set a tone and bring a room together. At Carpet Cleaning Pros we want your room to make a positive statement. Our staff will expertly clean your area rug with the care it deserves and maintain the integrity of your piece.

Area rugs tend to be in high traffic areas in the home. Foot and pet traffic can trap dirt, pollen, hair, dust mites and sand deep within the carpet. Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company conducted a study that showed a 9×12 oriental rug appearing clean that held 87 pounds of these foreign materials. These pieces are beautiful but without proper maintenance they can become a hazard to your home.

Carpet Cleaning Pros knows that an area rug is very different than wall-to-wall carpet. Area rug cleaning involves patience and care; Carpet Cleaning Pros is highly trained for this. We can cover all area rug cleaning needs including; Oriental, Persian, Silk, Dhurries, Custom or Braided.

The recommended frequency fluctuates depending on what type of wear each area rug sees.  The Environmental Protection Agency set these guidelines to help in the process:

  • ◊ 3 – 6 months, if residents include young children or pets.
  • ◊ 4 months, if there is any smoking inside the home.
  • ◊ 6 months, if there are young children but no pets.
  • ◊ 6-12 months for a 2 person, non-smoking household.

If your area rug does not see any of these factors and does not receive much traffic you should have it cleaned every 2 years. Dust can settle and build up in your rug, especially if your home’s air ducts are not cleaned regularly.

Call Carpet Cleaning Pros for a free Area Rug Cleaning estimate and recommendations on cleaning frequency.

There are some quick things you can employ in between professional cleanings to keep your area rug looking beautiful and fresh;

  • ◊ If any spills occur, treat them immediately.  This will stop most stains from setting into the fabric.
  • ◊ Vacuum weekly, the top and backside of the rug. Removing any foreign objects will not only keep your area rug clean but also minimize the damage they cause.
  • ◊ Remember to rotate your carpet every year. This will ensure that the traffic and light exposure spreads evenly.

With these tips and Carpet Cleaning Pros your area rug’s life and beauty will be prolonged for years to come. Call Carpet Cleaning Pros at (888) 556-2102 for your Area Rug and all carpet cleaning needs.


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