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Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting adds a welcoming feel to any home; it can also add a major headache to maintain. The staff at Carpet Cleaning Pros want your carpets to stay as clean and bright as the day you invested in them.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is about more than just surface and aesthetic reasons; it also carries major health and sanitary benefits. Pollutants, dirt and bacteria can hide underneath many fabrics. These pollutants can be hard to remove. Your carpets act like a trap for everything tracked in the home. Carpets can hold everyday materials like dirt and food particles. They can also hold chemicals from smoking and flea eggs from pets. It is important to check your pet and home regularly for fleas.

Carpet Cleaning Pros has seen it all and is ready to tackle any carpet cleaning need. Our staff uses only eco-friendly products. A steam cleaning method is used for basic wall-to-wall carpet cleaning. There are several steam cleaning procedures, Carpet Cleaning Pros uses a hot water extraction method, recommended by many carpet manufacturers, including DuPont.

Carpet Cleaning Pros use truck mount steam cleaning systems whenever possible. There are a multitude of benefits for the truck mount system compared to a commonly seen portable steam cleaner. The truck mounts uses less water than the portable systems allowing for a faster dry and more efficient process. The portable systems have a tendency to over saturate carpets, leaving them wet and full of shampoo residue. Carpet Cleaning Pros’ truck mount systems use just enough water to thoroughly clean your carpets without the added mess.

Having your carpets professionally steamed every time your home needs it would be ideal, but not feasible for most busy lives. You should always check with your carpet manufacturer or handbook for recommended cleaning frequency. Many carpet and cleaning professionals suggest an annual professional clean. There are many factors that should be considered; what materials and pollutants your carpets are exposed to, pets and the amount of traffic.

An average sized family with no pets should have their carpets cleaned annually, while the same size family with pets should clean them every 6 months. Other factors like smoking inside and high pollen areas will increase the frequency.

With proper cleaning and maintenance, carpeting can be a great addition to any home. Let Carpet Cleaning Pros make that addition last. Call (888) 556-2102 for more information and to book your appointment.



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