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Fire Damage Restoration

Surviving a fire in your home is the most important part, but picking up and rebuilding afterwards can often be the most difficult. Fire damage restorations for your floors and furniture may be a solution to save time, money and valuables. Carpet Cleaning Pros can restore and save some of your items that may otherwise have been lost.

Carpet Cleaning Pros is certified in fire damage restoration and will work efficiently to assess and restore the damages. Smoke leaves a distinct smell that can also continue to damage your furniture, carpet and floors long after the fire.

There are different types of smoke that accompany a fire. These smokes must be handled differently as they leave varying residues. Some examples of different types of smoke and the residues they leave may include: Wet Smoke residues from a low heat, smoldering fire. These can be difficult to clean. The residues are sticky, smear easily and carry a pungent odor. Dry Smoke Residues from a high heat, fast burning fire. These residues do not typically smear and are dry and powdery. There are even colorless residues like protein residues. These have a strong odor and can discolor paints and varnishes.

No two fires are the same and neither is the damage that comes with them. Smoke and residue can hide inside furniture and carpet leaving it dirty and carry odors that will prove hard to remove. The experts at Carpet Cleaning Pros will assess the damage for an individualized recommendation on the action to take when it comes to clean up.  It is important to have professionals clean you home after it has incurred fire damage for health and safety reasons. The residues and smell can be a painful reminder. Carpet Cleaning Pros will work efficiently to remove the residues and odor and make your home livable again.

We understand the delicate nature of these situations and will approach it with the care and expertise you and your home deserve. Call Carpet Cleaning Pros at (888) 556-2102 for an estimate or more information about fire damage restoration.

Carpet Cleaning Pros is also trained in Water Restoration Damage. If you suspect your home has been affected by water damage call the professionals for more information or to schedule your next appointment.

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