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Water Damage Restoration

Your valuables are more than just things; Carpet Cleaning Pros understands that, and the stress that can accompany a home that has incurred water damage. Carpet Cleaning Pros will work quickly and diligently to return your carpets and floors to their former state.

Water damage can occur very suddenly. Flood related, busted or leaky pipes, sprinklers, even extreme humidity can cause unseen damages. It is important to address and fix these problems before they become too severe. Allowing the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Pros to tackle these issues as soon as you recognize a problem will help prevent your home from any expensive, long-term damage that results from water damage. Water Damage Restoration is something that should be left strictly to professionals. It is not only a complex undertaking, but can be a potential health hazard. The experts at Carpet Cleaning Pros will identify and remove any more or other dangerous materials to ensure your home is a clean safe environment for you and your family.

Carpet Cleaning Pros follows the IICRC standards (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) for water damage restoration. Using these standards, Carpet Cleaning Pros will classify your home’s damage into one of three categories that are classified considering the source of the water.

Category 1 (clean water):  This type would stem from clean water supplies, including broken water supply line or tub and sink overflows. A category 1 does not pose any immediate health risks.

Category 2 (gray water damage): Gray water carries a significant amount of chemicals and microorganisms that, when exposed to could result in minor health problems. This would include some toilet water overflow, dishwasher and washing machine water discharge. Note that any gray water remaining stagnant for 48 -72 hours is reclassified as black water.

Category 3 (black water): Black water is extremely unsanitary and a major health hazard. Sewage leaks, sea and floodwater and toilet overflows originating from beyond the back trap are all reason to immediately call professionals.

Water Damage Restoration can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let Carpet Cleaning Pros save you time, energy and money by handling water damage right the first time.

If you suspect your home has been affected by water damage call the professionals at Carpet Cleaning Pros immediately at (888) 556-2102 to handle all of your water damage restoration and any other carpet, flooring and restoration needs your home may have.

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